The Sideflex® is a retrofit device for construction and mining equipment, especially for earthmoving machines. The device is mounted to the wheel hub of utility vehicles as dumb-trucks or wheel-loaders. While RUD and Erlau chains have been protecting loader tyres for 65 years, until now, truck tyres have remained vulnerable to sidewall damage from haul road rock debris and accidental impact. Since comprehensive tyre protection would slow the trucks and raise fuel consumption to un-acceptable levels, damage limitation.Even so, every day, blowouts continue to destroy expensive tyres and delay production. To overcome these problems and to give truck tyres the same protection as loader tyres, RUD and Erlau designers got together with the operators and, drawing on their many years of experience developing chain-based products, created the SIDEFLEX®. The SIDEFLEX® is an ingenious device. Easy to fit, SIDEFLEX® provides a robust but light-weight shield which deflects rock debris from the tyre wall. Field-trialed, tested and, now, patented, the SIDEFLEX® appearance is novel. Protective arms radiate from a central retaining ring and form a shield covering the sidewall.The entire assembly fits firmly within the wheel hub and almost brushes the ground preventing sharp rocks from penetrating the tyre-wall. Definitely distinctive, the lightweight SIDEFLEX® is simple, effective and, most importantly, saves tyres and improves productivity. The SIDEFLEX® is yet another RUD and Erlau innovation set to contribute significantly to the bottom line.

Sideflex components are quick and easy to install onto the wheel assembly.  

The mounting ring is secured to the rim assembly through a combination of special adapter nuts and extension supports. 

Tensioning Brackets are installed around the rim base to ensure smooth rotation of the Shield Segments. 

Shield Segments are attached to the mounting ring providing your tyre with total sidewall protection.  

In operation, the Protector Segments absorb and deflect impact forces away from the tyre.  

Sideflex Shield is suitable for a wide range of wheel-rims and tyre sizes

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